MTB, Trekking in Sicily Trapani

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Zingaro Nature reserve is the ideal location for people fond of trekking. Zingaro is surrounded by hill, mountainous and coastline paths where trekkers can discover stone beaches surrounded by typical dwarf palms. Zingaro is also tradition… beginning from “manna” products to the weawe of dwarf palms producing baskets, bags, ropes and brooms.

Cofano Mountain Nature Reserve in the north coastline of Trapani is a huge mountain of 700 metres that stands out in the sea water. It is nice to walk along the coastline admiring the different shapes of this mountain and the blue colours of sea. On the way trekkers can visit an ancient cave, towers before arriving to the big bay of Macari. Next to Cofano Mountain there is typical “Scurati Cave” where trekkers can visit the ancient house made by stone where people used to live up to 50 years ago.

Favignana, (easy to reach from Trapani port, by hydrofoils every hour) ideal location for biking tour in sicily, it is considered the butterfly of Mediterranean sea for its shape. Favignana thanks to its flat paths along the coastline, is wonderful to discover by bike, enjoying ex mine of “tufo” today converted in wild gardens, sandy beaches with its amazing clear colours. Favignana gifts also Santa Caterina moutainous scenary where you can see the amazing view of coastline.

Levanzo: Next to Favignana, Levanzo island (easy to reach from Trapani port, by hydrofoils every hour) is one of the best place to combine nature and paleontologist… here you can visit a wonderful primitive cave with engraving scenes of hunting and fishing. Therefore Levanzo is very beautiful for trekking along the coastline combining a winderful sea bath in its inlets.

Trapani Salt Pans

Trapani Salt Pans’ Reserve, in the small town of Nubia, it is easy to reach by byke or by car. Once at Nubia, you can walk along the salt pans combining a visit to the windmills and at the same time admire the different species of birds such as herons, flamingos, kingfishers, italian knights.

Speleologist cavesYou can live a speleologist day with professional trekking guide (CAI association that is italian alpine club) discovering stalactites and stalagmites and calacareous formation as corals rocks. Following the labyrith paths guided by our professional guide you will discover a natural wild lake.